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by David


10 facts about Basmati rice

1. In the Hindi language “Bas” means aroma and Mati means “full of”

2. Basmati is grown in the Northern Indian states of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and parts of western Uttar Pradesh, Jammar and Kashmir. It is also grown in the Punjab province of Pakistan

3. Only one crop of Basmati rice can be grown per year

4. 2.2 million tonnes of Basmati is exported to 100 countries every year

5. Basmati is unique in it’s characteristics of being exceptionally long and slender

6. The average volume expansion of Basmati rice is 3.5mm

7. The minimum cooked rice length is 12mm

8. Basmati rice is gluten free

9. Basmati rice is sodium, cholesterol and fat free

10. As well as boiled and steamed Basmati can also be ground for use in cooking. Take a look at a simple recipe for Chawal-E-Zohara here.

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David is the founder and developer of neon. He has worked with many leading consumer brands, restaurants, musicians and artists in his day job. In his spare time when not writing for neon David is a little obsessed with anything digital from media to music...

2 Responses to 10 facts about Basmati rice

  1. Sanwal virk says:

    I think you are missing the part about Pakistan, India only contributes 65 % of experts rest comes from Pakistan ,It’s not only grown in India like you have mentioned ,it’s also grown in Punjab of Pakistan . I don’t who did the research on this topic and i can’t even believe that you guys called it “facts” . Facts is something that is scientifically proven ,it’s look like a an opinion. Please make correction, it will save you from the embarrassment in future .thanks

  2. David says:

    We have amended this post to include Pakistan, thank you.

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