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6 fitness tips to keep you motivated for 2017

It’s no secret that resolution-makers everywhere will be rushing to sign up for a shiny new gym membership this year, in an attempt work off those superfluous yuletide meals and get fit.

In fact, research has shown that 12 per cent of all gym members join during January. But, is a pricey gym membership really the most effective way to get you towards your fitness goals in the new year?

Your 2017 should be all about balance. Ditch all the things you think you ”should” be doing and try these pointers to get you on the right path towards your fitness goals…

T2 Fitness Event

1. Shake things up with a new fitness class

If you’re new to the fitness game, classes can seem a daunting prospect, but trust us they’re key in adding much needed variety into your regime. Not only are they a non-threatening and sociable environment, but they’re also ideal when it comes to learning some new moves and techniques. Remember, everyone in the room is there for the same reason – to get fit and feel good! Don’t be afraid to learn from the experts and others around you.

We recommend trying out trendy Covent Garden-based studio, Another_Space. Offering premium experiences in yoga, spinning and HIIT, head their way to rework the way you think about your own fitness habits. Try their free one-off session on Friday 27th January in partnership with T2 Tea, aptly named ‘Moteavation’. The five-part programme includes exercises that can be transferred into your own everyday life, which will prove a useful tool for gaining healthy day-to-day practice!

T2 & Another_Space’s Moteavation class can on Friday 27th January be booked over the phone on 020 7534 2999 (Note: spaces are booked on a first-come first-serve basis)

2. Set measurable and realistic goals

This seems obvious, but it’s a hurdle so many people stumble over. Instead of setting targets you’ll never be able to reach, the key is all about setting goals that are outside of your comfort zone, but still within possibility. Once you’ve identified your objectives, write them down! Studies have show that people who write down their goals have over an 80 per cent success rate of achieving them than those who don’t.

Lets look at an example – how many people do you know you’ve only been to the gym once in the whole time they’ve splashed out on a three-figure membership? As wondrous as it would be, simply writing down a goal to set up the gym direct debit doesn’t automatic mean you’ll be magically be transported to the gym doors every morning. Instead, put a feasible number on the amount of trips you want to achieve every week, and make sure you stick to a time frame of when you’re planning to action it by. Trust us – it works!

Real Health Manuka Honey

3. Eat yourself fit

It’s true what they say, abs truly are made in the kitchen! It’s likely you’re not after a perfect six-pack, but eating healthily is vital in supporting an effective and consistent fitness regime.

Why not get creative with one of this year’s predicted food trends such as turmeric, veggie chips, meat jerky, grain bowls, and in particular, sugar alternatives. Sugar is a notorious instigator of weight gain and can often leave you with that stodged-out sugar crash feeling. Try adding immune system-boosting manuka honey instead of sugar into your morning tea and porridge for extra sweetness. Australian manuka honeys, such as Real Health’s offering in Holland & Barrett and Boots, are so food-friendly that it can be easily incorporated into your everyday cooking. Its ‘super-antibacterial’ properties will also help fight away any nasty winter flus!

Fat Buddha Yoga Event

4. Let out some steam with yoga

It’s important to check in with yourself from time-to-time. It can be so easy to get caught up in “the goal”, that we forget to enjoy those things we’re doing for self-improvement. Not only does yoga make for stimulating exercise, but the ancient Indian discipline is perfect to clear your mind for the start or end of the day – yoga can really help you “step out” from the troubles of day-to-day life.

Classes can vary in focus around spirituality and physicality, so find one that suits the balance you’re looking for. We recommend Fat Buddha Yoga, which takes a modern spin to the old age art. Throwing an array of diverse sessions, their monthly ‘Flex in the Sky’ session features panoramic views of the capital from the rooftop of London’s iconic cheese-grater-shaped Leadenhall building. All Fat Buddha classes are bookable from their website.

5. Invest in kit you love

Treat yo-self! If you’ve been working hard, you deserve to reap the benefits. Trust us, whether it’s that pair of designer running shoes that’s going to last you through hard times or even just the useful protein shaker you’ve been eyeing up for a while, the odd bit of new gear is not only a great investment but will also help motivate you in your fitness ventures.

Fitness Gadget FitBit

6. Start tracking your progress

If you’re not tracking what level you’re reaching with your activities, it’s going to make it a hell lot harder to know when you’re surpassing personal bests week-on-week or whether you’re being held at a plateau. Of course, when it comes to getting out and active it’s great to be one with nature, just you and the road – all that business – but, don’t ever ignore the place of technology as an effective fitness motivator.

With new wearable “smart fitness” creations set to be this year’s fitness trend, the possibilities are endless when it comes to tracking pretty any parameter of your daily activity you fancy. Look into a new gadget such as FitBit’s newest must-have, FitBit Blaze. The swanky watch automatically recognises when you’re exercising, opposed to simply walking, which means it’s easier than ever to incorporate exercise into everyday life, rather than feeling a long dedicated fitness session is the only way to go! If you’re strapped for cash, why not simply track your progress with good old-fashioned pen and paper?

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