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Our guide to running

When it’s cold, dark and miserable outside, it feels like we have the perfect excuse to give up on running. Getting out of bed is a serious task so we can forget about that early morning run and by the time it’s dark we’d much rather be wrapped up under a blanket inside with a glass of mulled wine.

But hibernating inside won’t burn any calories and with the endless winter festivities your waistline won’t be very forgiving. We don’t want to be suffering from SAD either and need to keep releasing those endorphins to banish any blues so for a happy body and soul there’s no way around it: we NEED to keep running.

Luckily it’s easy enough to get Winter-proof and we’ve put together a list of the best workout gear for winter running.

Happy Feet
There’s nothing worse than cold feet. We like the Feetures range of socks which come in a variety of styles and fun colours. They’ve got some clever technology going on too that will keep your feet warm and also wick away moisture.
Feetures Socks

For feet that need even more warmth and cosiness we like SOLE’s insulated footbeds. As well as the warmth and comfort that the insulation layer brings they can also help avoid aching feet, heel pain and arch problems. They’re quite fun too, try warming them up in the oven, place them in your shoes and step into them, the footbeds mould to the shape of your feet to give you a customised fit.

We also recommend Carnation Silversocks for toasty toes. These clever thermodynamic socks are made with pure silver fibres that don’t just keep your feet cosy but also stop any odours.

If laces coming undone is the bane of your running life check out these lock laces from active brand Nathan. The lock and clip system keeps your laces and they come in a variety of bright (and reflective) colours too.
Lock Laces

Obviously there are all the important and serious things to think about too and Nathan have created a whole host of running essentials to cater for all your running needs. With reflective armbands, strobe lighting and hydration solutions, they’ve got all bases covered.

Sorting out achey muscles and boosting antioxidants
Nothing beats a warm bubble bath but aside from that taking supplements can work wonders. For tissue elasticity, muscle flexibility, joint motion and regulating inflammatory response, omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acid are essential. Quest Vitamins’ Omega 3, 6 and 9 is a good place to start to reduce inflammation and boost antioxidant capacity.

To make sure the nutrients necessary for tissue repair are absorbed and to boost your immunity your digestive system also needs working well. It might be a good idea to include probiotics in your diet especially if you’re taking antibiotics for any pesky winter infections. Try ProVen’s 25 Billion to keep your digestive works on top form.

This next one isn’t really a running specific essential but it’s pretty useful for all sorts of working out and we like it a lot. We hate headphone wires getting in the way when we’re trying to do our thing but have found the ideal solution with Groove-e Motion bluetooth headphones. Now we can listen to our tunes wirelessly and keep our phone in our handy Smartphone Carrier we’ve said goodbye to getting all tangled up in headphone wires.
Sonic Mount

So there you have it. With all of these fun gadgets your excuses will be all out and you’ll have to keep on running. You’ll thank us after you’ve eaten all those mince pies.

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