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by Sarah Brown


Beat The Summer-Ending Blues: Top 5 Festivals To Book for Summer 2017

Neon’s Sarah discusses how booking your Summer Festivals for 2017 can help beat the Summer Ending blues

The fear of summer ending can be truly terrifying and utterly deblitating. Saying goodbye to glorious sunshine, your gelato, your tan and saying hello to miserable clingy tights (ew tights!) can leave you feeling utterly meh.  Over time this has become quite the epidemic and has been coined by the fabulous Man Repeller blog as the “Summer Scaries” and has been best summarised musically in Greece’s “Summer Nights” – it happened so fast! We all find our own way to deal with the pain; Sandra Dee stalked her Summer lover to an entirely new country and others have found comfort in various Autumn/ Winter 2017 fashion trends. However here at Neon we find comfort in planning ahead…to Summer 2017. It’s just around the corner! To help you on your way to planning for next year Neon has compiled our Top 5 Festivals to Book for summer 2017 because nothing epitomises Summer more.

1) Glastonbury

Yes I know I know but really when it comes to Glastonbury DO believe the hype.  Every year offers the greatest and most varied line-ups when it comes to music, daily activities, food and of course evening debauchery.  But really what makes this festival so brilliant is the genuine freedom of movement that dominates it. By this I mean freedom of tent movement (you can see the main stage from your tent if you so wish) and of course alcohol and food. Being allowed to bring your alcohol and food wherever you wish throughout the festival means the stress of funding a festival is non-existent. Now everyone practice your clicking and typing for when tickets go on sale, it will be worth it.

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2) Latitude

This festival is one where a lively mind thrives and doesn’t require a dosage of whatever mind altering substance is hip at the time in order to have a good time. There is an abundance of literature, poetry, arts and crafts and a real sense of community spirit as well as a relentlessly tasteful lineup. Highly recommended.

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3) Hideout

If you’re a raver not a behaver (lolz) this festival is for you. Hideout takes place over 6 open-air arenas on Zrce Beach, Croatia and hosts daily pool parties, boat parties and evening raves from over 100 headline and underground Djs. Hideout’s perfect for those looking for a cheaper alternative to Ibiza (think house/techno/bass) and for those who would like to attach a dreamy food and wine fuelled holiday to their festival on some of the incredible Islands just around the corner. Neon recommends holiday-ing before the festival however!

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4)  Standon Calling

Neon had an absolutely fantastic time at Standon Calling this year, the most down to earth and accessible festival in the UK. The festival has an authentic, relaxed uncle-so-and-so-just-pitched-up-this-main-stage-for-lols vibe to it as well as providing some exciting acts and late night fun. Its golden attraction is that it’s just 45 minutes out of London and easy to get to via train, meaning that the stress of travel is non-existant. So it really can be seen as a couple of epic nights out in the country! Do it.

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5) End of The Road Festival

This festival is for those who are serious about music but not about themselves. It takes place at the beautifully decorated pleasure gardens at Larmer Tree, Dorset. Every aspect of the festival is rich in musically-related material from literature to film programmes that emphasises their main focus; to provide quality music in a non pretentious environment. The festival offers a relaxed ethereal atmosphere so you can truly loose yourself in the music.

Great set from @whitneyband

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