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by Sarah Brown


Conquer May Bank Holiday in London

Does anyone else find bank holidays slightly anxiety inducing? Does the thought of a spare day, a glorious spare day where the world..the south of the UK…OK London (millennial empty pocket etc) is your oyster (card) and you have nothing to do but part-AY fill you with fear? All the fear. Fear of missing out, fear of not doing enough or doing too much or drinking or eating or spending too much and then sleeping and moaning the long weekend away… God life is so HARD. Well after some incredibly deep thinking I have come to a three point solution that will ensure you nail your bank holiday this time round.

1) Tick box your youth with a ticket

In order to have a good bank holiday weekend you must organise with friends in advance and preferably have a ticket. Tickets give one purpose and the sense that one is living ones youth and has a plan, everyone needs a plan. Choose a fun event where you can drink, dance, laugh and feel alive. Get a gang together and commit.

2) Find inner purpose so that the inevitable hangover doom can’t touch you

In order to find that satisfying balance you MUST spend one day…ok an hour….half an hour doing something productive and that again gives you purpose (it’s all about the purpose). Try music, writing, yoga, learning Russian etc.

3) Have a spontaneous day

By this I mean leave time to dry your tears with Dorritos, revitalise with a Pressure Drop and walk aimlessly around a park whilst your hungover brain tries to keep up with the conversation.

I can only help you with number one so please find below my list of ticketed fun times occurring in London this May bank holiday.


Brixton Beach: Fridays at the Beach (26th)

Schools out bikinis on! Says every Londoner never. This beach doesn’t require a bikini but does require an empty tummy & Cuban dancing shoes.

In their words: “Brixton Beach, inspired by the vibrant culture of Cuba, will transport guests to a lush and colourful paradise, serving up a winning combination of cocktails, street food and entertainment, creating the ultimate festival that lasts all summer long.”
Get tickets here


Micks Garage: Origins Summer Day & Nighter (27th)

Micks Garage is the dirty older brother of Hackney Wick’s delicious Crate Brewery and is home to reliable line-ups and plenty of locally brewed beer (obvs).

Music: Juju & Jordash Live, Kerouac, Anu
In their words: “Surrounding our live act we have invited some stellar guests and an A* resident lineup…Micks Garage will be serving up hot food all day and home brewed kombucha, no need for a packed lunch”
Get tickets here


Gala Festival (28th)

A sparkly day festival held in South London’s Brockwell Park, Gala hosts an impressive array of independent food & drink alongside an exciting music line-up.

Food: Kricket, Chicken Shop, Made of Dough, Bill or Beak and Fatties Bakery
Lash: Brixton Brewery, Canopy Beer and Peckham’s Brick Brewery
Music: Studio 54’s Nicky Siano, Paradise Garage DJ’s, Horse Meat Disco, Crazy P, Moxie and Bas Ibellini.
In their words: “GALA is a community driven event that promotes premium local food and drink bringing together everything great about summer into one amazing celebration.”
Get tickets here


The Foodies Festival in Brentford’s Syon Park (29th)

Look I know what you’re thinking, what even is Brentford? Well that’s what we all think but actually when you look on the map it’s really not that far away from other real places in London. If you’re looking for a foodie festival to while away the time with friends and family this is the one for you.

Line-up: Gary Angler of Angler, Christian Edwardson of Bonnie Gull, Atul Kochhar of Benares and Dhruv Baker of The Jolly Gardener. Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown will also be in attendance as well as former MasterChef 2016 winner Jane Devonshire, TV chef Rosemary Shrager and Crème de la Crème winner Mark Tilling.
In their words: “We focus on expanding the local foodie community by working alongside home Michelin star and top chefs, bakers, patisserie chefs, chocolatiers, restaurants, artisan producers, distillers and brewers…Every year, new initiatives are launched so that visitors have a fresh experience”
Get tickets here

All of Brighton at #foodiesfestival yesterday and again today… new line up of chefs and bakers each day so come again!

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