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Cryotherapy. Freeze Your Ass Off

Freeze Your Ass Off?

Yep, apparently you can do just that from this week as the first Cryotherapy in Chelsea opens at Naya Hair Salon on Fulham Road.

Kate Moss is doing it and LiLo loves it but how exactly does Cryotherapy work? Neon spoke to Sara Turner and Debra Lister who are responsible for expanding the treatments across the UK.

The liquid nitrogen based freezing technology uses vapours reaching below -160°C in order to trigger a physiological reaction to cold temperatures. The brain then receives messages to stimulate the regulatory functions of the body. This extreme cold causes the body to increase its metabolic rate in order to produce heat, meaning that the body burns between 500-800 calories in the hours following the procedure” explains Sara.

The results are phenomenal and are physically visible within the first session and include bum lift, face lift, instant inch loss as well as recovery from a multitude of health issues including sports injuries, muscle and joint pain, headaches and acne.

So how much is it? “Body Sculpting” is £180 for a single treatment, “Cryo Face Lift” is £150 and “Sports & Recovery” is £60. Buying a course of 6,9 or 12 offers a 10% discount.

Naya Hair will be taking bookings from July 7th.

Naya Hair
260 Fulham Rd
SW10 9EL
0207 376 3682

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