Health/Fitness Digital Detox

by Sarah Brown


Need a Digital Detox? Try these shoes for size.

Neon’s fashion foodie Sarah discovers the Brave New World of the Digital Detox with Anatomic & Co.

God isn’t life exhausting these days? There is literally no excuse to switch off ever. From work, your friends, questioning if Queen Bey and Jay Z really are getting a divorce (are they though? Are they???) it’s all right there with one click on your bright flashy addictive phone screen.  There is no end.

Or is there…

I am pleased to announce Anatomic & CO are the first company worldwide to recognise the animalistic cry that is our need to switch off. The men’s footwear brand have created the world’s first sociable shoe that allows you to digitally detox by automatically switching off your mobile notifications when worn. Anatomic & CO have collaborated with UCL’s top computer scientists to team innovative Gel technology with classic design. These shoes are sure to define the digital detox movement and it’s likely brands worldwide will be kicking themselves for not having thought of it first.

By coining the term “Well-being Wearables”, Anatomic & CO are hoping to tap into the Mindfulness market. Mindfulness, a term that originally derived from Buddhism and other Eastern Philosophies, has become the media’s number one health obsession over recent years.   In general it now means “ a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations” ( Anatomic & Co are innovators because, unlike the various mindfulness apps and youtube videos, they have brought mindfulness closer to technology by allowing us to separate ourselves from it.

And they look good too. The classic brogue has been paired with a thin electric blue rubber sole that matches the shoe’s lower stitching. The shoe will therefore represent a man who is ahead of technological, psychological and design trends (Electric blue is big for 2016) but is classic in style.

I personally find this idea marvellous. Once you show off your new shoes to your buds they will no longer be offended when they post a picture of themselves painted as the “Girl with a Pearl Earring” on Snapchat and you’re not the first to LOL. You’re wearing your new shoes. You’re living your Real Life.  It’s like the new form of cowboy hat on a parents door but a lot less weird.  There is also something beautifully ironic about the fact the most cutting-edge technology is now allowing us to get away from technology. Now all they need to do is create one for the ladies.

Why not walk the walk and talk the talk by walking the walk? I know I want to.

Anatomic & Co: 

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