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Holistic Silk Eye Mask Sale

Aeroplanes. Be prepared and they are great. You arrive refreshed, rested and ready for your destination. If you are not prepared then plane journeys can be long, tiresome and you arrive in a crumpled, stale, mess.

Don’t booze is the rule that is hard to stick by. Who can say no to drink that is served at your seat and is completely free? Hydrating with equal (or more) amounts of water solves this easily but one thing that can’t be controlled is the erratic times the cabin lights are switched off and on, and then off and then on again, oh and then off and maybe on again.

Block out the light with this award-winning therapeutic lavender eye mask from Holistic Silk. These are made in Britain using silk (obviously), lined in soft cotton velvet and filled with dried Lavender. The coverage around your eyes is large so they block out light successfully, the ties keep it loose on your face and the fragrance gives you something to focus on as well as helping you to sleep.

The range comes in a huge variety of patterns however the sale section is limited. We like True Romantic for ladies, Country One Strap for men and both men and women could use the unisex patterns of Plum and Wild Thing (pictured).

Holistic Silk Eye Mask. On sale. Was £46 now £36.

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Krista is the editor of Neon London

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