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by Aimee Sics


Get your bibs ready for National Burger Day

In case you haven’t added this one to your calendar, Thursday 25th August is National Burger Day. Yes, you read correct: a day devoted to the burger. Forget your chicken and three veg dinner, or your Thai Green curry Thursday — instead, you must chomp down on a pillowy soft bun that is providing the faultless match for the jammy layers of delicious ingredients within (and fingers crossed it is a robust, no-drip affair).

National Burger Day in the UK came about after the (shocking) discovery that the US has two national burger days (one especially for cheeseburgers). Founded by Mr Hyde back in 2013, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the UK version has been a sizzling success (excuse the pun) since its inaugural event. Now in its fourth year running, us Brits have not yet reached the end of our unabated adoration for a “gourmet burger”, so expect this bash to be bigger and better than last.

So where can one indulge in said burger madness? Well, imagine a massive, rambling street fair with nothing but burgers in every direction. Ok, so we might be exaggerating, but you get the point — there’ll be no burritos. Hawker House and The Land of Bamboo, in Canada Water, are hosting an epic National Burger Day party. There’s going to be eighteen burgers on offer, 10 bars, 2 All-American burger desserts, burger piñatas, and even a pickle eating contest. Oh, and did we mention all the beer and whiskey? We’re hearing “awesome times”.

If you can’t make it to Hawker House, don’t shed a tear. The brains behind National Burger Day UK have thoughtfully ensured the meaty collaboration is nationwide: simply fill out a form and you can get 20% off some of the UK’s best burgers at over 800 restaurants around the UK. Find the map for your closest one here.

Get your bibs ready: it’s going to be flippin’ brilliant.

National Burger Day takes place on Thursday August 25th.

Tickets cost £16 (plus booking fee) and include an icy-cold bottle of Budweiser, a Chilliback and a Pickleback. Available here.

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