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Sessions at The Old Bengal Bar and Grill

There’s a new jam on the minds of London residents, however this jam isn’t available in any store. The Organic Jam is a thrilling and new electronic music concept to hit London’s bar scene. Whilst they may seem like just another band, they have a little something to make them standout from the rest of the crowd. The Organic Jam only perform live, never rehearse and never do the same performance twice.

The Old Bengal Bar in the east end has recently launched ‘The Sessions’, a weekly live music night hosted every Saturday by London music collective; The Organic Jam.

If this has stoked your curiosity then head to Shoreditch, walk through the gateway of one of London’s oldest surviving original warehouses and find yourself in the Old Bengal Bar’s chic and atmospheric courtyard.

Reservations can be made and those exploring the areas secluded streets are also extremely welcome. The Old Bengal Bar is the perfect place for friends of all to have relaxing pre or post-dinner drinks and, from my own personal experience, is a great place for a romantic date. The Organic Jam’s improvised mixture of electronic music and instruments, bongos and maracas amongst them, lead to endless listening possibilities.

The bar itself has enough room for around 30 seated people and can feel quite cozy when at full capacity. Lights are deliberately low, decoration is kept to a minimum, red leather sofas line-up under the window and face the minimalist bar. The original brick walls remain from the bar’s past as a warehouse, and wooden floors and pillars help to create an intimate and nostalgic atmosphere. The mirrored wall, complete with hidden bathroom entrances, helps make the space feel expansive and provides an interesting story to share with friends.

Bar manager Milos Popovic has created a cocktail menu ranging from classics such as gin martinis and New York sours to signature drinks such as a Bobby De Niro, sadly not accompanied by an impression when served, and a British gardens. Cigars and full bottles of liqueur are also on offer for those looking to embrace the atmosphere in comfort.

We were thoroughly impressed with the experience and The Organic Jam are a pure one off indulgent listening pleasure. ‘The Sessions’ is a nightlife experience unlike anything else on offer anywhere in London if not the UK. With weekly guest musicians, ranging from percussionist Lyndsey Evans to dj Mark Ronson, joining the host band each week. neon can confidently say that visitors would find it hard to leave without making some new memories.

For more information about The Organic Jam visit

Visit to make a reservation and find out more about the venue.


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