Eat/Drink Nikkei Surf & Turf Nigiri-Zushi

by Krista


The London Foodie

neon recently managed to bag a couple of the coveted seats at Luiz Hara’s brilliant Japanese Nikkei supper club. They are immensely popular, serve exquisite food, are tremendous value and hosted impeccably in his beautiful home. We tell everyone who listens to check it out.

So Hara’s background is relatively well known; an investment banker, quit in 2011, moved to Tokyo to study Japanese cuisine and worked in an Izakaya, returned to London, achieved Le Cordon Bleu’s Grande Diplôme and now runs mega popular supper clubs under the moniker The London Foodie. You know, the USUAL.

But what do we NOT know about The London Foodie?

Hara runs two supper clubs. A French Supper club and a Japanese and Nikkei supper club. The French Supper Club takes place on average one week every quarter and The Japanese and Nikkei supper club events take place from Wednesdays to Fridays, two weeks on then one week off. Dates for both events are released to a mailing list (get on it here).

The supper club has catered for thirty covers since 2015, it used to be twenty nine in 2013/14 and twenty two in 2011/12.

Since Hara’s career change he has hosted the following:
2011 – 3 supper clubs
2012 – 62 supper clubs
2013 – 77 supper clubs
2014 – 76 supper clubs
2015 – 66 supper clubs (estimated)

That means that Luiz Hara will have fed a total of 7,847 people by the end of 2015 and averaging at about 9 courses per meal that is over SEVENTY THOUSAND dishes served in five years.

How the hell does he do it? “I place orders on Mondays for delivery on Tuesday and Wednesday. Fresh fish is delivered daily.” Yes he makes it sounds very simple. “I buy everything in bulk particularly vegetables, the savings are considerable if vegetables are bought in boxes, hence why I host for 3 days consecutively. Economies of scale.” Yes and he also shops intelligently.

Days off? Oh yes he has written his first cookbook. Seriously. Nikkei Cuisine – Japanese Food the South American Way will be released in October of this year and you can pre-order it here.

Luiz’s Key Suppliers are:
Fish & Seafood – Barneys Seafood and Steve Hatt
Vegetables – Newington Green Fruit and Veg
Meat – Tom Hixson
Japanese ingredients – Tazaki Foods, Harro Foods, JFC Limited
Other oriental ingredients – SeeWoo (Chinese), Korea Foods and H Mart (Korean

Luiz Hara’s Shopping Tips for Asian ingredients:
New Malden is heaven for Korean ingredients, shops, fantastic restaurants. Korea Foods has a massive cash and carry there.
SeeWoo in Greenwich has one of the best seafood counters I have seen of any Asian supermarkets in the country
The more specialists dealers provide unusual ingredients such as Tazaki Foods who is quite specialist in Japanese ingredients.

Luiz Hara’s Favourite Dishes from his current Japanese Supper club menu…:
“My favourites are the sushi surf and turf (main picture) (love foie gras and teriyaki sauce!), the chilled dashi and green tea soba noodles (pictured below) and the sea bream rice with a yuzu and green jalapeno dressing!”

…and which dish took the most work?
“The sushi surf and turf, there are a lot of steps and elements to it – 3 different sauces to make, the making of sushi rice is time consuming and it is hard to plate out 30 dishes as there are so many elements”

What does Luiz Hara eat on his night off?
“Pizza, burgers, curries and steak! Simple stuff really.”

Read The London Foodie blog here, follow Luiz on twitter, facebook and for total travel and food envy don’t miss his instagram.

Green Tea Soba Noodles
Chilled Green Tea Noodles, Deep-Fried Aubergines in a Cold Dashi Broth

Tomago Onsen
neon’s favourite dish of the night was the Tomago Onsen: Sous-Vide Duck Egg on Silken Tofu, Truffle-Soy Dressing and Kastuoboshi Flakes

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