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It has been roughly estimated that we drink about 40 million litres of water throughout a full lifetime of 80 years. If this figure was in pounds I can tell you we would be buying the highest of quality. From bottled, tap to filtered water the varieties of this simple and essential ingredient are abundant.

Here is one filtered water company taking the industry to the next level. ZeroWater have produced their unique five stage water filter system that guarantees to provide tastier filtered water by removing virtually all total dissolved solids (TDS). They’ve proven that their inventive five stage filters remove 99.6% of all dissolved solids found in tap water — from what appears to be clear tap water, the hidden contaminants and disguised particles have got me thinking how I should really have begun filtering water a long time ago. Better late than never I suppose.

The surprisingly speedy process to achieve this purified spring water starts with stages one and two. Stage one is the Course Filter Screen, removing any trapped dust or rust that would cloud the water before travelling down into stage two where the Foam Distributor conducts an extra screening to eliminate suspended solids and contaminants. Stage three is a combination of Carbon and Oxidation Alloy clearing, the carbon continues to filter out contaminants while the Oxidation Alloy removes chlorine and heavy metals while also acting to prevent mould forming while the filter is moist. The final two stages remove any foreign ions, suspended solids and ultra-fine particles leaving the resin in place.

This slightly complex sounding process happens in a matter of seconds, producing the purest of filtered water on the market in your own home, hassle free. It’s safe to say that ZeroWater is the next “must have” product for the ultra “clean and green” kitchen.

Available in jug, dispenser and portable bottle forms. Prices ranging between £14.99 – £49.99 depending on the size capacity of the product.

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