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by Aimee Sics


Duck & Waffle to waddle down to street level

At last, our favourite skyscraper restaurant, Duck & Waffle, has hatched another egg: a fast casual offspring in the re-developed St James’s Market. Due to waddle on down to ground level in May 2017, the aim for Duck & Waffle Local is to make their high quality food and top-notch drinks more accessible, especially for those short on time and not able to scoot up to the 40th floor.

With gravity on their side, the contemporary urban farmhouse style eatery will take a playful approach in both their décor and in serving their gastronomical wonders. There’s even going to be a takeaway option available — all the more reason to turn your workstation into a loading dock for those Moorish BBQ Spiced & Seasoned Crackling Pigs Ears.

That’s right people: our favourites including the Full Elvis, a peanut butter & jelly ‘buttered’ waffle with vanilla cream, peanut brittle, fresh berries and caramelised banana, and the original Duck & Waffle will be making menu appearances.

And while you may recognise these much-loved dishes from Chef Director Dan Doherty’s seasonal and sustainable menu, there are new additions that you can only score at the Local: a Duck Burger with crispy duck leg, and a Duck Jam Doughnut, which will satisfy our sweet and savoury cravings.

Don’t apply the brakes here either, because we all know that the drinks at Duck & Waffle have always been the treat. “Taps & Tails” is the dictum here: cocktails, wine and beer on the fly. Head of Spirit & Cocktail Development Rich Woods takes the lead with an innovative menu incorporating —wait for it — on-tap cocktails, ready to go at the pull of a tap. Even speedier versions are tipped to come in a pre-prepared cocktail bottle. In the style of “ingredient-led, iconoclastic serves”, we think we might have to create a defensive formation around each cocktail in case anyone wants to claim a sip.  #notachance

In fact, we’ve got a slight inkling that despite Duck & Waffle Local’s street level location, we’re going to be leaving the venue cheerfully light-headed un-anchored by gravity. We’ll basically be Aladdin flying on his carpet.

Follow the duck’s journey from the 40th floor of 110 Bishopsgate across London to St. James’s Market – #waddlethisway and @duckandwafflelocal

Opening Hours: 8am – 1am daily
Address: 52 Haymarket, St. James’s Market, London SW1Y 4RP

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